Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Freelance textile design

Today, amongst urban clothing designers, there is a perceptive shift toward Generation X – the talent is more youthful and certainly more street savvy. Gen X designers are therefore getting more creative. That’s because they are aware that the urban fashion conscious consumer is equally savvy, taking the best creations of a designer and mixing-and-matching them to create a look all their own.

Hence, the same disaffected youth who used to consider bohemian chic and the grunge look the last word in using clothing as a weapon in the politics of rebellion is beginning to realize that the true sprit of fashion is not just about breaking rules just for the sake of it, but exploring how the rules can relate to the way they see themselves in the world they live in, and how they can be used to express their individuality.

In other words, today’s urban fashion consumers have developed a very sophisticated and mature understanding of how clothing ought to fit and how fashion works. Hence designers, responding to this new maturity in consumers, are designing men’s lines that are actually taking into account how trousers should hang from the waist and reach just above the shoe to create a clean cut. Many urban street fashion companies are including traditional dress shirts and tailored clothing in order to provide something for anybody looking to make a trendy statement.

These are individuals who still like the idea of urban fashion, but may not necessarily be into loud stuff (although the bright colors are also offered alongside). These are the people who are finding new ways to stand out from the crowd by finding new ways to assert themselves by taking the best in denim wear and mixing them with traditional sportswear and chic and cheap labels to create an individualized look.

Here are some suggestions for uber trendy urban fashion clothing:
  • Check out graphic t-shirts. Instead of wearing the cliched skulls on tees, t-shirts with complex graphics on them make quite a fashion statement.
  • You could try out jeans that have nothing on them – just comfortably fitting jeans which say ‘quality’, and can be worn just about anywhere. Check out monochromatic colors like gray, black or white.
  • How about wearing something other than khakis or jeans? Cotton pants can make a statement that is both unique and understated. Team it with an olive green military denim jacket and unostentatious T’s.
  • Contradiction is still cool in urban wear. So go ahead, buck the trend, destroy a t-shirt beyond recognition and team it with a nice pair of clean-cut jeans. Or vice versa.
The streets have always been where fashion trends have originated. It’s just a matter of picking up what’s hip. And whatever’s hot on the street will continue paving the way for the urban fashion clothing trends of the future.

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  1. I love textile designs. Love them and they serve as an inspiration for my attempts in designer men's suit designs.