Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Textile design studio

Don't we all love beautiful clothes? Having the most perfect wardrobe, is what every girl dreams of. All we women covet are clothes that enhance our subdued femininity and sensuality. Every time we go out shopping, we look out for clothes that compliment our skin color, body structure and the cosmetics in general. It's annoying when we can't find the right outfit for the party or for an important office meeting. Do you find yourself shopping for clothes, according to the designs in your head? How about if you could design the clothes you've dreamed about? Let's see how to design clothes, to get the right fit for every occasion.

Tips on How to Design Clothes

Conduct a Survey
You want to design clothes, not just for yourself, but for others too, then you need to conduct a market survey. Know the trends in the market well, before you begin trends. As Oscar Wilde once rightly said, 'fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months'. So, if you want to start your own boutique, which is a great small business idea, you need to know what can be sold in the market.

Carve Your Niche
Decide the type of garments or accessories that you want to design. It could be pants or trousers, dresses, Indian wear, khadi clothes, shirts, blouses, winter garments and the list can go on forever. Deciding your niche will help you to focus on your drawing and sketching. It will also help you conduct your survey. You know your area of interest, try out how to design clothes online. Read more on design your own clothes online.

Drawing and Sketching
Drawing and sketching play an important role in learning how to design clothes. Drawing will bring your designs into reality, giving your imaginations a practical vision. Work on your drawing skills, to get the human proportions right. The human body figures can pose in which ever way, but the proportions have to be right. Initially, you can draw with a pencil and slowly graduate to using colors and paints.

Sewing and Pattern Making
Every designer has to know how to sew. It is a compulsion. Bring a sewing kit and start with small projects of sewing. Sewing on a large flat surface, is the best way of doing it, since it provides stability. Once, you get this right, invest in a good sewing machine to complex stitching patterns. A pattern is a prototype made on a paper. You have to know how to design clothes on paper. For this you will need a pattern paper or a news paper. This way you can make a number of garments in the same size and same style. Trace the pattern on to the fabric, cut it along the edge and then begin sewing. Read more on fashion design.

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